Rumor Control: Was Mavado Dropped From His Label?

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The internet has been abuzz this week with rumors circulating that Alliance Gully God, Mavado, is unable to travel due to legal issues and hence unable to perform at the Kool Haus concert this weekend in Toronoto.  The rumor has also sparked speculation as to whether or not Mavado was dropped by Young Money Cash Money Records (We The Best was acquired by Young Money).

The rumors began when Canadian Magazine, L3 Magazine issued a report  from a “credible” contact as follows:

1.  Mavado will not be performing at his scheduled May 26thperformance at the Kool Haus in Toronto.  2.  Our source advised that the artist has been dropped by his label, Young Money Records (Mavado’s correct label name is We The Best Music Group).  3.  We were told that an international arrest warrant had been issued due to Mavado assaulting a police officer in Jamaica. 

We verified the news which was confirmed as accurate.  We released items 1 and 2 cited above, not item 3.
At 6:19 EST, our source updated us to advise that Mavado will be releasing a statement regarding his not being able to travel to Canada.  As of the release of this statement (8:50pm EST – Tuesday May 15th, 2012), Mavado has not issued his press release.


Although Mavado has not issued a press release, he tweeted earlier this week:

#NowListening Gregory Isaacs Rumour Dem Spreading

Mavado also retweeted a message from DJ Khaled

@Mavado_Gully music is sound amazing #SURVIVOR big anthem in streets @Mavado_Gully @WeTheBestMusic forever!!! Its gully season!!!!!

These two items would seem to imply (and I use the term “imply” VERY loosely) that all is well in the Gully camp – no arrests, no concert cancellations and certainly not dropped from “We the Best” (albeit DJ Khaled’s “We the Best” was recently acquired by Young Money so there’s no guarantee for any of the artists in the camp).

Here’s a plausible scenario.  Last week, Mavado was convicted of assault.   This conviction may be a hindrance in obtaining the work visas necessary to perform abroad, including Canada and the United States.   Europe may be even more difficult!  If he is unable to travel for performances, this could mean he cannot fulfill his obligations with upcoming concert promoters and his record label.  But could this result in Mavado being released from his contract.  Who knows?

For the record, MY sources confirm NONE OF THE ABOVE!  My head is spinning already!!!

Mavado is scheduled to do an interview tonight at 8:30 on Miami’s 99 Jamz to clear up all the swirling rumors and gossip.   All ears will be on deck for this one.

RCS truly hopes that all is well with Mavado and that we will seem him next week in Miami at “Best of the Best” concert.  I don’t want to see any more reggae artists going to jail, being arrested, having visas revoked, or any of the above PERIOD!



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