VIDEO: Mr. Vegas Speaks Out Against Con Artist Promoters and Clears His Name Regarding Australian Tour

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Somebody has made Mr. Vegas vex and we all know that Mr. Vegas is not one to bite his tongue!  The superstar dancehall artist was scheduled to perform in Australia, or so he thought, and now the tour is cancelled.

Mr. Vegas Chats with Red Carpet Shelley

Mr. Vegas

In order to protect his good name and credibility, Mr. Vegas produced this video and made public the following emails.  Per Mr. Vegas, the email was sent to the Australian promoters “9 DAYS BEFORE THE FIRST DATE”

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Booking Mr. Vegas – Australia Tour – April 2013
From: “Adrian Francis ” <>
Date: Wed, April 10, 2013 6:48 am
To: “‘goaner tutlam'” <>, <xxx@GMAIL.COM>
Cc: <delini@xxxcom>

Goaner and Philip,

It is really sad to see that Mr. Vegas and his team has done everything that was requested of us in making this tour happen for the his fans in Australia and now just a week away from the date of departure you and your team in Australia have decided to back out of all of the contractual agreement with respect to this engagement. Mr. Vegas has been very excited to go to Australia for the first time in giving his fans an experience that they would never forget and now at the 11th hour you are going back on your word to what was agreed to.

While we have been in discussion for the past two months about the work visa for Mr. Vegas to travel to Australia you also mention that the other promoters in Australia were not going to send you their deposits until they had some proof that Mr. Vegas was actually really coming for this tour. You had asked us to please assist you with this by having Mr. Vegas promote the Tour on his online social media sites and to also provide you with a video drop by Mr. Vegas in the promotion of this tour. I told you that you we would not be able to do this for you unless you send us a deposit of 50 percent of the performance fee first. You then stated that at this time you have not collected all of the deposits from all of the promoters who have pending dates on the tour and that the best that you would be able to do at this time was sending a binder deposit of $5,000.00USD. In making this tour happen for both you and the fans in Australia I had agreed to this with the conditions that right after all required promotional material has been provided that you are to send the remainder of the deposit to me immediately right after and you had agreed to this. Since we provided you with the promotional material there was then a different excuse why the deposit was not going to be sent with you now stating that you will need to wait until the visa was issued for Mr. Vegas before you can send the deposit and that we will have the deposit for this engagement to me no later than April 8, 2013.

On April 8th you sent me over an email stating that Mr. Vegas visa has been approved and that the required phone conversation with the Australian embassy was no longer considered necessary and we would now be able to proceed as planned with the deposit and flights for everyone traveling. Since then you and Philip have been giving me the run around about sending the reminder of the deposit now to find out that you are not going to be sending the deposit because you would like to make alterations to Mr. Vegas traveling arrangements and party size before doing so. Since we have been in talks from the initial point and also outlined in the performance agreement about this deal you were already informed that for this engagement there would be a total of 4 people traveling 1 business class and 3 economy class and you were fine with this as you stated that you were going to do everything necessary to make this tour happen.

On March 10, 2013 I expressed to you that I have 4 pending dates at that point for Mr. Vegas for April 19, 20, 26 and 27th which was the same time period as this tour and that the guarantee for the other dates was double the amount that the tour in Australia was offering. At that point I stated to you that we are not doing this tour for the money aspect but for the fans of Australia that have been patiently waiting for a live performance by Mr. Vegas and that in order to make this happen you will need to ensure that you and your team will live up to your end of the agreement. I also mentioned to you that we are now going to be turning away serious offers in accommodating this tour so please let me know if this tour is something that you are serious about moving forward with and you replied yes “I am going to do everything necessary to make this tour happen as promised… you have my word”.

So far Mr. Vegas and his team have done everything possible on our end in assisting with making this tour work for you and now it looks as if this tour is not going to happen due to negligent on your part. You have stated that you can now only afford to have Mr.Vegas and his Dj travel for this engagement and as it currently stands Mr. Vegas nor I are comfortable with this as you have not followed through with a majority of the things that we have already discussed and agreed to and I would not want to have Mr. Vegas travel to the other end of the world to be places in an uncomfortable situation without suitable representation. With this said Mr. Vegas is not interested in disappointing his fans in Australia due to the complication with you and your team so he has decided to travel with 3 people minimum taking off his road manager and leaving on all the main components to his live performance as part of his traveling party with the condition that 100% of the full performance fee of $$$ will be wired and received by management prior to his departure. You will need to provide the following flights for the members traveling: 1 Business Class return ticket from Jamaica and 2 Economy class return tickets from New York (JFK). I will also need you to sign both the contract and rider that I had sent to you and send them back to me if you wish to proceed with this engagement.

Please let me know how you would like to move forward as now we have given you the only option possible in making this tour work.


To be fair, Mr. Vegas also posted the email from the promoters (see below).  I have to admit it is SHADEEEEEEE!!!!  Some folks on social media expressed that the promoters unwillingness to pay for more than 2 tickets was suspect but have you looked at ticket prices from JA to Australia?   It nuh easy but clearly this promoter was a TOTAL AND COMPLETE sham!!   How can artists avoid these kinds of shams though?   Let me know your thoughts:  @RedCarpetShelle

“From: goaner tutlam []
Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2013 5:13 AM
To: Adrian Francis
Subject: RE: HELLO Australia.

thanks for the email. i have tried to call before but no answer, anyway the conditions of the contract are clear and reasonable with exception to the length of the performance. since this is my first time sponsoring an international artist and also since it is mr vegass first Australia visit, i would like the performance to be between 45-60min as Australians are not used to short performances. in regard to payments, i will collect about $$$$ by the weekend from other promoters,as a result, i will not be able to guarantee you the $$$$$ by the 4th of april, instead, i will make the deposit by Sunday your time providing Mr Vegas conduct the interview with the immigration in regard to his visa addition to that, i need to have some safe guard in regard to the whole situation. as you know, i am the bigest fan of Mr Vegas and i want this tour to happen not for business reasons alone but for passionate reason, and this is why i have already commited $$$$ and i have got no problem in paying $$$$, the only problem is in case the immigration issue don’t workout, what is the guarantee for me for my $$$$$? our agreement is subject to immigration granting a visa. in regard to personel transportation, if one person dont travel i will save $$$$ which is not enough. remeber the $$$$$ business class flight to Australia is from LAX TO SYD it doesn’t include Mr Vegas flight from Jamaica to USA. therefore, THE best thing to do is since you are not coming, Mr Vegas might as well travel with his DJ, JUST two of them as this will free up around $$$$$. anyway talk tomoro.

regard; goaner



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