Red Carpet Shelley Honors PR Powerhouse Rhona Fox

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March is national Women’s History Month and we are recognizing a select group of women to be honored on for “Women in Caribbean Media Week” as a special tribute. Rhona Fox, who is a public relations powerhouse, is among the select few chosen for her great efforts in Caribbean media. RCS wanted to acknowledge that she is history in the making! Caribbean Media is a special niche and there are a select few women in this field and we wanted the world to know what gems we have in the Caribbean diaspora. Check out her bio and the interview.

Rhona Fox was born in Guyana, South America. Fox was raised in Nassau, Bahamas. After graduating high school at 16, she journeyed to New York on a summer vacation and the rest was destiny. Enrolling in college there, the Big Apple remained home and work for many years.

Fox spent the first seven years of her career as a producer at ABC and FOX affiliates before becoming editor of a national magazine. Ultimately, she parlayed her extensive professional experience into launching her own public relations firm in the heart of Manhattan, representing clients such as Pitbull, Lil Jon and Shaggy. Additionally she started The Rhona Fox Foundation and owns her own production company Fox Star Films.

RCS: How did you get your start in the Caribbean media efforts?
RF: I was a television producer at ABC and FOX news affiliates for over 5 years and this gave me a solid background in journalism. I left the corporate world to be editor of Jamrock Magazine in September 2006 – it was the first Caribbean–lifestye magazine that was published and distributed nationally throughout the US. Caribbean music and culture not only interests me, it represents me, as a daughter and native of the Caribbean. I was born in Guyana and raised in the Bahamas, before moving to New York City to attend college. To be able to mesh all those experiences, and use my education and professional knowledge to enhance the Caribbean profile in some way, is a dream.

RCS: Do you feel that sexism has impacted your career?
RF: I find that people that do the most work are women. I think even though we are faced with sexism, which stems from ignorance just as racism and other biases, it’s not everywhere. The trick is to try and change the status quo in your favor, and if that doesn’t work, move on to another project, client or company. If you work hard and are talented, there will always be a need for you. So just stick to our guns and find the right fit for you, and don’t be afraid to create your own niche.
Who is your favorite Caribbean artist and why?

RF: My favorite Caribbean artist is Wayne Wonder because we get to work with him in every way. My company FOX FUSE promotes, markets and books him. Currently, we are working on his new album, which we will be distributing worldwide in July 2012. Wayne is Grammy nominated and a phenomenal artist. We have a long history of working with him in a meaningful way, and that continues. That makes him my favorite artist to work with, because he has allowed us the treasured opportunity of participating in his musical journey and legacy.

RCS:  What is your favorite Caribbean island to visit?
RF: My favorite island used to be Cuba, before I went to Jamaica. Now I love Jamaica the most. There’s just a vibe there that you don’t get anywhere else in the world. You land, breathe the air and smile. And everyone treats me well there…the people are friendly, the food is great and the country is beautiful.
Do you have an opinion on the rash of arrests in the Caribbean community targeting reggae artists?
It’s no secret that artists are being targeted, just like hip-hop artists in America. Artists are in the limelight, so if there’s a statement to be made, they are the easiest way to set an example. In the Caribbean, our royalty is our artists. So, what better way to crackdown on a society than to arrest and throw the people they know the most behind bars. My personal opinion in Jamaica is that there is so much corruption to begin with, I don’t agree with ‘getting’ some people and ‘letting’ others off. It should be a fair judicial system for every man.

RCS: What is your best advice on balancing your personal life and your career?
RF: My best advice on balancing career and personal life is just say no. For career, choose your opportunities, set your goals and pick your battles. Phone calls and emails are never-ending, but you have to learn to say “no” to the opportunities that do not coincide with your goals. Once they are not on your list, you have to ignore and let go so your work can end and you can have a personal life, at the end of the day.

RCS: If “Caribbean Lives” was a reality show, who would you like to see on it and why?
RF: On Caribbean Lives I would like to see Shaggy, Leftside, and Elephant Man. Shaggy has to be the funniest artist I’ve worked with; anyone who is around him knows how much he makes you laugh. Leftside imitates everyone plus he’s creative and witty so he would be entertaining. And Ele is hilarious just by being his normal self…his antics are unparalleled. Plus I’d throw Portia Simpson-Miller in the mix. That would be fun!
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  1. This is a huge accomplishment! I admire this woman’s drive and determination, the love she has for her caribbean people and the art of promoting and marketing in such a tough market. I follow her on FB and hope to one day be as successful as her. You Rock Rhona! Keep doing what you’re doing.

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