Huffington Post Names Nevis’ Sunshine’s Bar as #1 Caribbean Beach Bar

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Red Carpet Shelley Visits Sunshine’s

The rest of the world including The Huffington Post is just catching on to what Red Carpet Shelley has been saying for years…Nevis nice!!   Specifically, Huffington Post named “Sunshine’s” as the number one beach bar in the Caribbean.  This is huge, but RCS already knew this!

Sunshines Beach Bar” is a celebration of its historical Nevisian culture and culinary brilliance.  There is a certain irresistible magnetism about Sunshines that draws fashion icons and tastemakers from New York to Hollywood like cult followers.

Its breathtaking scenery fused with exotic palatable cuisine embodies casual upscale dining that’s incomparable to the Caribbean region.  Beautiful white sands are the foundation of this beach bar.  There are a plethora of trinkets and signs such as colorful license plates from across the US, Canada  and the world hung on the rustic wood walls.  The classy casual atmosphere can only be described as ritzy ‘shacky chic’.

During a recent visit to Nevis for their annual “Culturama” festival, the RCS team met with “Sunshine” the infamous owner and operator.  He told me that when he started nobody thought it could be done.  A bar and restaurant on the beaches of Nevis.  As we all know now, it can be done, it was done, and the rest  is history.

Red Carpet Shelley enjoys a glass of wine with owner, “Sunshine”

Celebrities and non-celebrities alkie  from all over the world have dined and Sunshine’s including Oprah, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jay-Z and Beyonce to name a few!.  But you will find locals, politicos, tourists, friends and family alike coming together to enjoy the FANTASTIC Caribbean cuisine that Sunshine’s has become famous for.

The grilled lobster is a soiree of flavors for the palate highlighting a buttery glaze and local seasonal vegetables. If you’re lucky, you’ll visit on a night when one of their most regular guests is present a local rast named “Nambo”.   If you’re even more lucky, you will get a chance to hear him sing!!!

Alas, however, what Sunshines’s is probably most renowned for is their ever-popular “Killer Bee” drink.   All you need is one and you will know why this beach bar is so famous!!!   Trust me everyone on Nevis knows about Sunshine’s!!!

If you haven’t been to Nevis yet, what are you waiting for???




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