White House Releases President Obama’s Birth Certificate

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President Obama and the White House took time away of other important issues today to address the birth certificate issue raised by “carnival barkers”. This morning the White released President Obama’s birth certificate and held a press conference about it.

I’m certain the release of this document will just continue to fuel those who are hell bent on detracting us from the real issues especially Donald Trump and many main stream media outlets. Its unfortunate that the President of the United States has to take time out to chastise the media and others for creating “side shows” when this country is facing serious issues — budget deficit, unemployment, war, health care and the list goes on….

I sure hope Mr. Trump is ready for the firestorm of investigations into his background if he decides to run for President. Now that’s gonna be a damn carnival!!!!

Now, can I get back to work? As per President Obama, “I’ve got better stuff to do”. FOCUS PEOPLE!!!!!!!



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