WATCH: Busy Signal on Stage at Groovin’ in the Park – “Don’t Try to Cuttest My Time”

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Busy Signal at Groovin' in the Park 2017

Busy Signal at Groovin’ in the Park 2017


One of dancehall’s most prolific artists, Busy Signal made his inaugural performance “a big farrin” on Sunday at Groovin’ in the Park 2017.  Unfortunately, the highly anticipated debut performance on American soil didn’t fare well.

‘Don’t Try to Cuttest My Time…Busy Signal’s Contract Says 5PM Performance Start’ ~Busy Signal


The performance which ended abruptly has left everyone including Groovin’ organizers wondering WTF went wrong.  RCS has exclusively learned that footage of Busy’s performance has been and is being closely reviewed to determine what exactly led up to the abrupt end of Busy’s set.  Sources close to Groovin’ organizers contend they neither asked Busy to stop his performance nor cut his microphone.  That being said, allegedly Busy Signal was informed PRIOR to taking the stage that his performance would be shorter than previously planned due to time constraints. 

The Good the Bad and the WTF

The set was going extremely well. Now what follows are #FACTS because I have photo and video timestamps. The good news, Busy’s performance was electric and he didn’t disappoint.  You could feel Busy’s positive energy and the audience reciprocated tenfold in other words, it was LIT!  The bad news, not too long into the performance (7:28PM to be exact), Busy began disclosing the fact that he had been sitting in his RV “or CV ..mi inna one sitten roun de so” since approximately 3 o’clock waiting patiently for a set time of 5:00pm.  The 5:00pm show time came and went and Busy Signal didn’t take the stage until 7:10PM.  At EXACTLY 7:33PM Busy told the audience “if mi cyaan perform, R Kelly nah perform nyda” and exited stage left.  That means a performance a lifetime in the making took less than 30 minutes from beginning to end – WTF!. 

Groovin’ organizers are preparing “an official statement” and, of course, RCS will keep you fully abreast.

I didn’t get my scheduled interview with Busy Signal after this whole debacle but watch On Stage’s interview with Busy Signal and Groovin’ organizers:




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