Snoop Dogg Rejected By The Rastafarian Community And Bunny Wailer – Legal Action Pending

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As previously reported on RCS, Snoop Dogg (aka Snoop Lion) has been travelling back and forth to Jamaica as part of his “Reincarnated” project..  Part of that journey involved meeting with members of the Rastafari Community.  In fact, Snoop says his name, ‘Snoop Lion’ was given to him by the Rastafari community.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, Snoop has fallen out of grace with Bunny Wailer and other members of the Rastafari community:

The Ethio-Africa Diaspora Union Millennium Council a/k/a Rastafarai Millennium Council  (RMC) currently representing all the leading Rastafari Groups and Organizations globally in respect of Rastafari cultural intellectual property rights; and  Living Reggae Music Legend Bunny Wailer, surviving member of The Wailers trio that included Bob Marley & Peter Tosh are  formally condemning Snoop Dogg’s activity under the Reincarnated Project.

Snoop Lion

The press release goes on to state that Snoop’s intentions were for financial profit and also damaging to the image of the Rastafarian community:


The Rastafari Community members in Jamaica, including leading Elder Bunny Wailer were induced under false promises by Snoop Dogg , through Vice Media,  to incorporate their services and intellectual property in the project that was principally based around Snoop Dogg’s formal intent to become a legitimate Rastafarian by obeying to its faith and the highest ideals of the culture, community and music contained therein. To gain the access and trust of the Rastafarian Community, historically a reserved community, Snoop and his team undertook specific contractual, moral and verbal commitments (to include specific community support programs and investments) that, almost a year later, have not been met.

The release of an unauthorized filmed portion of the Reincarnated project, and its inclusion in the released movie, as seen at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2012, alarmed gravely the Rastafarian Community and Bunny Wailer. Again, when informed Snoop’s team declined to take proper action.

Despite months of requests from the Rastafari Community and Bunny Wailer to comply with his moral and legal duty, Snoop Dogg has personally not responded to any of these or notices to stop the recognized abuses, whilst still cashing in on the exploitation of his new personae. This has lead to the outright fraudulent use of Rastafari Community’s personalities and symbolism as the centerpiece and authentication of the Reincarnated to Rastafari /Bob Marley project and image through the Rastafari Culltural titles of his new moniker ‘Snoop Lion” and his newly advertised company ‘Berhane Sound System’. The Rastafari Community and Bunny Wailer have been explaining the importance of the abuse and defamatory behaviours, but Snoop appeared oblivious to their concerns and playing down their requests.

It is believed that Snoop Dogg’s global and mainstream status as a gangsta rapper and his improper engagement of the Rastafari Community and Bunny Wailer has created vast damaging results to both the Rastafari Community and  The Honorable Bunny Wailer, and was only based on his personal financial gain.

The withdrawal of the Rastafari Community and Bunny Wailer from any support or association to the project, the request of the formal withdrawal of the presented titles of ‘Lion’ and ‘Berhane’ and their commercialized appropriation question the validity of Snoop’s claims to be acting on behalf of the Rastafari Community. The General Secretary Of The RMC, Prophet Greg and Bunny Wailer have both said thatRegrettably, it appears that Snoop did not want to embrace our culture but simply profiteer from it. Unlike many before him though, he promised and agreed many terms with the Community and has to be held accountable for it.”. The international Law Firm ASV Law has been retained to represent the Rastafari Community and The Honorable Bunny Wailer’s interests so as to protect both the Rastafari and Bunny Wailer’s rights and image.

The documentary Reincarnated debuted to rave reviews at the Toronto International Film Festival.  Subsequently, Snoop has also been busy creating the album of the same name.  Two weeks ago, while in Jamaica, Snoop shot the video for ‘Lighters Up’ with Mavado and Popcaan.  Snoop is also executive producing an online dancehall webseries.

It will be interesting to see if Snoop’s Reincarnated project will continue as planned…Story developing!



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