Safaree and His Eggplant Leaked Video Break the Internet – Here’s What He Had To Say

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Last week, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood New York star Safaree broke the internet ala Kardashian style when a nude video leaked on social media.  Women (and men!) have been losing their minds over his Jamaican packaging shall we say! 

Some on social media have accused the Jamaican rapper/producer of leaking his own video for publicity purposes but Safaree went on the Breakfast Club to say the he is not actually not happy with this leak.

That’s not something I want out there. My nieces, they follow me, they watch everything I do. People who think I did it, I’m trying to do stuff for promo, that’s not [the case]. … That came from my Snapchat. … I’m not gonna lie, ’cause when it happened – the way my phone and everything was going off because I was shooting a video and my joint – pause – my Instagram, my phone, everything was just going crazy. I was just like, ‘Please, tell me that it’s not real.’ Something like this happened before but it was a fake picture. That wasn’t really me but when I seen this, I was just like, you know. I didn’t send that to somebody in Snap. You know how sometimes you make something and save it – I didn’t take a picture of my meat, I took a picture of myself. … I didn’t do that and say, ‘Okay, I’m going to put this out.’ … Why randomly now would I go and do that?” (“The Breakfast Club”) ~Safaree

Now, obviously I’m not going to post the video or pics here (this is a family-friendly website!) but I’m all for spreading the Caribbean love by posting the link.  Click here to see what Safaree is working with (WARNING – EXPLICIT!!!)

RCS Sidebar:  These women (and men!) are losing their minds but this is almost what we’ve come to expect from Jamaican men :0) BTW, I think Safaree should stop saying “STRAIGHT” LOL  




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