Is Stacey Dash ‘Clueless’ on her Political Views?

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Former Singles Ladies star Stacey Dash has recently given her support to the Republican party.  She recently tweeted a new pic of her and Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan.  Many have been very disappointed with her choice, however others have supported her right to her opinion.  Dash released this statement on her website:

“I am an American citizen, who exercised her first Amendment right.
I am self realized and believe that hard work and faith will allow me to achieve my American dream.

I believe that Governor Mitt Romney believes in the American people. That we can be self evident, that we are capable of achieving the American dream. That there is enough for everyone. I believe that because he has proven his ability to lead,and his ability to be excellent as a CEO and as the Governor of Massachusetts. Governor Romney is the best choice to be our next President. He has achieved the American dream, he knows how to lead us the American people to realize our potential. By creating 12 million jobs, giving equal work for equal pay,by giving incentives and cutting loopholes, by keeping us safe and strong as a country of Super Power.

Yes, it is true, he is rich. So what better person to lead us to economic prosperity than someone who has attained it.

I believe that his faith and strong moral character WILL serve him very well as he Leads us to being the great UNITED STATES OF AMERICA we can be.”

Many are wondering if this is just a desperate PR act by the ‘Clueless’ star.  If you remember, Dash was unceremoniously discharged from her gig on Single Ladies.  She also hasn’t been known for holding down a acting job too long as of recent (besides her role on ‘The Game’) so maybe this attention will aide in getting her some much needed press and employment.  Well, we’re talking about her, so I guess she can’t be too clueless.



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