Groovin’ in the Park 2017 – Photo Recap and Review

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U Roy at Groovin' in the Park 2017

U Roy at Groovin’ in the Park 2017


Groovin’ in the Park 2017 is now one for the books.  This year’s festivities appears to have brought out one of the largest crowds ever at the annual New York City staple event.  Unfortunately, this year’s event was fraught with issues.

Tarrus Riley and Estelle

Tarrus Riley and Estelle PHOTO: Reggae Vibes Radio


Patrons of the hugely popular annual festival were being treated to a monumental list of reggae and R&B heavy hitters including R&B legend R Kelly, singy singy Tarrus Riley, Musgrave Medal winner Freddie McGregor, reggae icons Ken Boothe, Leroy Sibblies, U Roy, Lloyd Parks and Busy Signal (in what would be an historic inaugural performance in the United States  for all the wrong reasons)

Somehow the show began to run late… not somewhat late but really late and that’s where the trouble began. Time constraints were to blame for the ill-fated Busy Signal set and the completely non-existent Stephanie Mills performance. Many in the crowd, including myself were upset at the treatment of Busy Signal and the implied perception that somehow R. Kelly and his performance bore more importance.  Many were VERY disappointed by this especially when R. Kelly took the stage and was disrespectful to the promoters and then proceeded to cuss his way through his entire set.  Personally, I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to leave but not before cussing a few bad words myself!  

Busy Signal

Busy Signal


Here’s what some patrons posted on Groovin’s Facebook page: 

Pisssssed!!!! They are cold. When I saw how they treated Busy I realized how hollow they are. Mi seh di ting suh shocking mi Caan find words. Unu get weh wid di disrespect too often. How can a reggae show have R&B artiste as the closing act? Wah dat? Stop it man.

When will you organizers stop disrespecting Jamaican artist and putting American artist on a pedestal. Everyone one attended to see an artist of their preference, giving the patrons less than what they paid for is a total disrespect. And you all expecting the patrons just to be accepting…
You all laughing all the way to the bank while we patrons left feeling cheated. So annoyed!

Once again you’ve proven to us that Reggae music /Artiste is inferior to R &B Music /Artiste. First you disrespect Freddie McGregor then Busy signal only to give R Kelly a full show which consist of vulgarity ,curses and slackness. Great job Grooving .R Kelly shoulda piss pon some a unuu.

The Busy Signal debacle prompted Groovin’ CEO to issue an apology:

It is however with deep disappointment that I learned of patrons leaving the Roy Wilkins Park on Sunday immediately after the aborted performance of reggae megastar Busy Signal. I would first like to apologise to those fans who felt offended by what appeared to be disrespect to one of our A-list Jamaican artists.

Groovin’ In The Park profoundly regrets any misunderstandings that the brief but distracting disruption created. We have already begun taking steps to ensure that time management of our concerts won’t be an issue in the future

~Chris Roberts, CEO Groovin’ in the Park

Quite honestly, you didn’t have to learn of “patrons leaving” it was hugely apparent to all.  I am going to remain hopeful that next year Groovin’ organizers will make it up to its patrons in a meaningful way. 

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