Frederick Morton, Jr. of Tempo TV Makes Essence Magazine Most Eligible Bachelors List

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Frederick ‘Mr. Tempo’ Morton, Jr.

Essence Magazine announces their infamous ‘Most Eligible Bachelors’ list in the November 2012 issue.  Making the coveted list is ‘Mr. Tempo’ himself Frederick Morton, Jr. the Caribbean media mogul behind Tempo TV, a dynamic celebration of all things Caribbean.  Born and raised in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands to Nevisian parents, he earned a law degree from Rutgers University and a Masters degree in Public Administration from Columbia University.   Morton, who is 44 and resides in Montclair, New Jersey is certainly a dominating force in Caribbean TV.

In the brief interview with Essence Magazine he talked about his biggest accomplishment being pitching Tempo Networks while he was an executive at MTV Networks.  When asked how he’ll know he has met ‘The One’, the Nevisian progeny said David is his favorite person in the bible and he wishes to discuss those types of stories with a special woman.

There were 14 other eligible bachelors ranging from 29 year old restaurateurs to 33 year old urban cowboys, none of which brought that irresistible island magnetism we admire.  The testosterone in this months issue was overwhelming to say the least (smiley face), however I pressed my way to share this information for the female RCS readers (males need not apply- he clearly said a ‘woman’).

Well ladies he is tall, dark, spicy, spiritual and accomplished, surely this business visionary can make a love connection with one of you.  Additionally, based on what I have witnessed on the Tempo Network, which is now available on Cablevision, he definitely enjoys traveling, fine dining and inspiring the youth of the Caribbean with his ‘Badness Outta Style’ primary school tour.  Quite naturally, he probably has a nice wine too.

If you’re interested,  send him a message at or catch up with him on November 25, 2012 when Tempo turns 7 in St. Maarten.  Just remember to invite the RCS media team if a wedding ensues!



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