‘Basketball Wives’ Star Jennifer Williams Sues Over Being Slapped by Evelyn Lozada’s Assistant – MESSY!

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Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams has decided to take legal action against Evelyn Lozada’s personal assistant, and former Jennifer BFF, Nia Crooks (“Crooks” is really her name, no pun intended, I can’t make this stuff up!).

The lawsuit stems from a slap across the face that Jennifer received at the hands of Nia Crooks which was all captured on this week’s episode of Basketball Wives.   RCS Note to File:  if  you’re gonna beat somebody’s azz, don’t do it on national television — the evidence is kind of overwhelming!!  I’m just sayn’….

I digress, what’s interesting about this lawsuit is that it appears to be one of the first of its kind.  A reality star suing a castmate over a fight.  I mean if we want to talk fights that ish between Jennifer Williams and Nia Crooks was not even really a fight.  It was like they were playing London Bridge with their arms more so than a fight.   If there was a case for a reality star to sue a castmate over a violent fight, let’s think Tami Roman fighting castmate Evelyn Lozada, or the infamous “Mob Wives” brawls (Season 1 finale and Season 2 Opener!!), or Kimbella having her woo haha publicly displayed for her castmates and crew of “Love & Hip Hop” while being stomped by castmate Chrissy Lampkin.  Now, that’s a fight worthy of a lawsuit!

Another interesting point is that Jennifer is clearly being advised by very strategic PR people.   This slap occurred months ago yet Jennifer waited months until the episode aired before taking legal action.  She waited until the court of public opinion put the case on the docket!   In my opinion, however, this makes the lawsuit seem a bit frivolous and more like a PR stunt.

However, according to Jennifer Williams in an interview with the Daily News:

“Violence used against any person is wrong but when a woman hits another woman it sets a horrible example for young girls everywhere.  I choose to use the justice system to fight back”.

Funny, I don’t remember any such anti-violence quotes after Jennifer threw a glass at her ex-hubby former NBA baller Eric Williams….I’m just sayn…

Jennifer sues over slap!

According to the New York Daily News, Williams filed the suit in Manhattan Supreme Court because Crooks lives in East Harlem.  Jennifer is also claiming that she is suffering from whiplash and Post Traumatic Stress (PST).  Really, seriously Jenn? So the whiplash and PST didn’t stop you from filming?  I can’t….

While I agree with Jennifer that this televised violence for entertainment value is deplorable and sets a bad example for our children, if you were really suffering why two months before filing  the lawsuit?

Anyhoo, it will be interesting to see how this impacts other reality shows.   Although, neither VH1 nor Basketball Wives executive producer Shaunie O’Neal have been named in the suit, if Jennifer wins the case against Crooks, it kind of opens the door for a civil suit where they may be the co-defendants.

I think a civil suit may be a very real scenario after VH1 and Shaunie fire Jennifer’s azz and throw her off the show!   (C’mon you know they’re gonna get rid of Jennifer now fo sho!)  Seriously, what better way for a recent divorcee to recoup lost wages and maintain the lifestyle she’s become accustomed to than to file a BIG civil lawsuit?

I think this is a game changer for reality TV shows and I bet there’s some lawyers out there about to make some BIG money over contract rewrites and renegotiation.  Memba dat!



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